Can Crickets Tell the Temperature?

Question: Some say that if you listen to the sound of a cricket chirping, you can determine the temperature. Is this true or is it just an urban (science) legend? Do any other factors affect how fast a cricket will chirp, such as humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure, or nearby crickets?

Procedure: You will use a virtual lab to test a cricket subject.


Short Lab Report should include:

1. Introduction - state the question and hypothesis. Define your dependent and independent variables.
2. Data tables - organize your data into easy to read tables and/or graphs. (Be sure to take enough data to draw conclusions)
3. Analysis - state your conclusions where you answer the experimental question. Indicate whether you support or reject your hypothesis. BE CLEAR in your analysis about what factors affected cricket chirps and exactly HOW chirps were affected (show a relationship - increased, decrease..etc)


data tables