Identify the Controls and Variables KEY

Original Document: Controls and Variables

Identify the:

1. Control Group -- Group B

2. Independent Variable -- Special Juice

3. Dependent Variable -- Number of stacks

4. What should Smithers' conclusion be? It doesnt' work

5. How could this experiment be improved? ANswers vary

6. What was the iniitial observation? Slime on the shower

7. Control Group - Side sprayed with water

8. Independent Variable - Coco Juice

9. Dependent Variable - Appearance of Slime

10. What should Homer's conclusion be? It doesn't work

11. Control Group - Mice not radiowaved

12. Independent Variable - radio

13. Dependent Variable - Strength of mice

14. What should Bart's conclusion be? Improves strength, maybe inconclusive

15. How could Bart's experiment be improved? More mice, test group before and after treatment


16. Control Group - Subject A

17. Independent Variable - powder

18. Dependent Variable - length of itchiness

19. Explain whether the data supports the advertisements claims about its product. - It does

20. Describe how Lisa would perform this experiment. Identify the control group, and the independent and dependent variables in your description.

Two heads of hair, or same head with half treated and the other untreated can be used. Measure the hair growth.