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sheep cloneWeb Lesson: Cloning

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What is Cloning?

1. Define Cloning: _________________________________________________

2. What is the difference between natural twinning and artificial twinning? ______________________________________

3. What is SCNT? ____________________________________________

4. To make Dolly the clone, they first isolated a cell from where? __________________________________

5. They transferred the nucleus of this cell to where? ____________________

The History of Cloning

6. What was the first organism ever cloned using artificial embryo twinning? ___________________________________________

7. How did Hans Sermann separate cells from a salamander embryo? _______________________________

8. What happened to the tadpoles that were cloned from more advanced embryos? ______________________________

9. Where did John Gurdon obtain cells for his cloned frogs? _________________________________

10. What was the first mammal embryo cloned? ________________________________

11. What were the names of the two cloned calves?____________________________________

12. Cultured sheeps cells were used to create two lambs named _______________________ and ____________________

13. What as the first mammal created using somatic cell nuclear transfer? _________________________

Where did the DNA come from for this clone? ______________________

13. Out of 29 primate clones attempted, how many were born? _______

14. How was the clone "Polly" different from the first sheep clone named "Dolly?" __________________________

15. What was the first extinct animal cloned? ____________________________________

Why Clone?

16. List four reasons given on the page for justifyig cloning:


17. What is a stem cell ? ___________________________________________

18. Why did CC look different from Rainbow even though they were both clones? _________________________________

19. What two things would you need to clone a dinosaur? _______________________________________________

20. Why would a farmer want to clone livestock? ___________________________________________

21. What are two reasons a person might want to clone a human? _____________________________________

Cloning Myths

22. Why is it impossible to make instant clones? _____________________________________

23. Why would Frankie #2 be different from Frankie #1? ____________________________________________

24. Give an example of a natural clone: _____________________________________________

25. Humans have been cloning _______________________ for thousands of years.

26. Why does cloning have such a high failure rate? _______________________________________________