Other Cell Resources

Cheek Cell Lab -   observe cheek cells under the microscope
Cheek Cell Virtual Lab – if  you missed it in class
Animal Cell Coloring - color a typical animal cell

Plant Cell Coloring - color a typical plant cell
Plant Cell Lab  -  microscope observation of onion and elodea
Plant Cell Lab Makeup -  microscope observation of onion and elodea, if students missed the lab that day they can view a site with pictures to complete lab handout
Plant Cell Virtual Lab – use a virtual microscope to view plant cells.

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells – looks at cheek and onion cells

Prokaryote Coloring - color a typical bacteria cell
Cell City Analogy - compares a cell to a city
Cells Alive (internet) - view cells on the web
Cell Model – create a cell from household and kitchen items, rubric included
Cell Research & Design - research cells on the web, use computer to create your own cell
Cell Rap – song or poem to describe the parts of the cell

Plant and Animal Cells

animal cell animal cell plant cellplant cell plant cell

Cell Images from Wiki Images and other clip art sources.