The Calvin Cycle (Light Independent Reaction)


Part 1: Watch "Nature's Smallest Factory by TED-ED" (

1. Energy exists in the form of ____________________________ made by the plant.

2. Plants get their carbon from the ____________________.

3. Photosynthesis occurs in two steps, the second is the __________________________.

4. RuBP contains __________ carbons.

5. The enzyme, _________________________ builds an initial 6 carbon sequence.

6. This sequence split into two short chains called _________.

7. NADPH transfers a __________________ to those molecules, they become G3P.

Glucose needs 6 carbons to form, made from two molecules G3P. Sugar has been manufactured, but not quite…..

8. The original RuBP must be _________________________.

9. How many production lines are going on at the same time? _____

10. How many carbons exist from all of these production lines? ______

11. How many of these are used to make glucose? _____ To make RuBP? ______

12. The molecular mix and match ensures that _______ RuBP are regenerated.

Part 2: Summary of the Stages

Stage Description Molecules Involved
    stage 1

stage 2


    stage 3

Label the Calvin Cycle

(It takes 6 turns to fix 6 carbon atoms from CO2)

calvin cycle

regeneration of RUBP
carbon fixation
6 ATP → 6ADP
3 ATP → 3ADP
3 molecules of CO2