1. the phylum to which birds and reptiles belong
  2. type of venomous snake, named for its color
  3. small bird the feeds on the nectar of flowers
  4. part of the brain associated with balance
  5. top of the turtle's shell
  6. type of lizard found in car insurance commercials
  7. type of bird that is pink
  8. type of egg found in both birds and reptiles
  9. the state bird of Illinois
  10. type of venomous lizard, ___ monster
  11. type of constricting snake
  12. fused collarbone found in birds


  1. largest lizard; ___ dragon
  2. reptile that takes care of its young
  3. the order to which snakes and lizards belong
  4. organ that detects heat in snakes
  5. type of bird that Daffy is
  6. a large bird of prey; red-tailed ____
  7. another name for warm-blooded
  8. bird that lives in the Antarctic, it swims but never flies
  9. eggs and waste exit here
  10. part of the brain involved in problem-solving
  11. number of chambers in a bird's heart
  12. bird grooming
  13. reptile known as a "living fossil" of New
  14. Zealand
  15. part of the egg that feeds the embryo