Biome Map KEY

Original Worksheet: Biome Map Coloring

Coloring can vary slightly, the divisions between biomes is not always clear. If students follow the directions carefully, their map should be colored like this: The Canadian border is often a problem spot, as students think it's a biome boundary instead of a country border.



1. Name the 3 main biomes of the United States (land only).____grassland, deciduous forest, desert_____________
2. What two biomes are closest to where you live? _________answers vary_________________________
Place an X on the map to show your approximate location. varies
3. What U.S. state could a person visit a tropical rain forest in? ______Hawaii___________
How about a temperate rain forest? ______Oregon or Washington, possibly northern California_____
4. Point out Alaska by drawing an arrow to it. What biome is found in Alaska? _____tundra_______
5. If you traveled due north from your current location, what biomes would you pass through (just going to the north pole)
answers vary, from St Louis: deciduous forest, coniferous forest, tundra
6. A person is driving from Los Angeles, California to Washington D.C. Name the biomes the person will pass through, in the correct order. ________desert, grassland, temperate rain forest__
7. A person is driving from Alaska to Mexico, staying close to the west coastline. Name the biomes the person will pass through, in the correct order. ____tundra, coniferous forest, temperate rain forest, deciduous forest, desert__