organic chemistry crossword


1. synthesis where water is removed and two compounds bond together
2. type of fatty acid that has all single bonds (solid at room temperature)
4. milk sugar
5. an important component of cell membrane
7. class of organic compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms; includes monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides
8. composed of one or more chains of amino acids
10. the number of electrons in carbon's outer shell
11. type of liped that has four interlocking rings, examples are cholesterol, estrogen and testosterone
12. the splitting of a compound by the addition of water
14. organic catalyst, usually a protein molecule that speeds reactions
17. in animals, long chains of glucose used for energy storage
20. monomer of DNA an RNA, consists of a 5 carbon sugar, a nitrogen containing base, and a phosphate group


3. molecules with the same molecular formula but different structure, and therefore shape
6. insoluble in water, repels water, "water fearing"
9. a common monosaccharide
11. in plants, chains of glucose used for energy storage
13. polysaccharide that makes up plant cell walls
15. glucose plus fructose =
16. type of bond that holds amino acids together
18. general term used to describe molecules that have a carbon skeleton and some hydrogen atoms
19. polysaccharide that makes up the exoskeleton of insects
21. macromolecule consisting of covalently bonded monomers