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millipede arthropods insect appendages larva
molting metamorphosis mandibles
chelicerates crustaceans abdomen antennae

1. When I'm scurrying, fast and fleet,
I seem to have a thousand feet.
When I slow down, it's evident
I have just four on each segment

Who am I? ____________

2. My exoskeleton never grows
Even though I do
And so I have to take it off
To grow one bigger and new.

What is this process? _____________

3. When I come out of an egg
I look like a worm with legs.
But someday - wait and see -
An adult insect I'll be.

What am I? _____________

4. We're crustaceans, arachnids, and millipedes
We're also insects and centipedes.
We're famous for our legs that are jointed
Guess who we are, or we'll be disappointed.

Who are we? ____________

5. Feelers, mouth parts, legs, or wings
We can be any of these things.

What are we? ___________

6. I'm body part number three
If you start from the head
Though belly's a common name for me,
There's a fancier name instead

What is the fancier name? ___________

7. My body has three main parts,
An abdomen, thorax, and head
I often fly to get around
Or I use my six legs instead.

Who am I? ____________

8. Lobsters, crabs, and crayfish are we,
We often make our homes in the sea.
We have five pairs of legs to walk
And eyes often perched atop a stalk.

Who are we? _____________

9. We're long and thin.
We're used so much.
When arthropods taste, hear or touch.

What are we? ___________


10. Some people think we're scary things
We're kind of like insects, but we never have wings
Our body parts number two, not three
We're not usually harmful if you let us be.

What are we? ___________

11. First egg, then larva, then pupa --
Everything gets rearranged,
As step by step I become an adult
And my body's completely changed.

What is this process? ___________

12. Lenses, lenses everywhere.
One lens here and one lens there.
We're found on crayfish, found on flies.
We're a very special kind of eyes.

What are we? ____________

13. Write Your Own Poem about arthropods.