Name: ___________________________________________

Animal Phylum Matching

Instructions: Draw a line from the Phylum to the organism that matches it. Draw another line from the organism to its description.

Cnidaria animals

These marine animals have plates with spines


Three body parts, jointed legs, tough exoskeleton


Soft, thin, flat bodies


Soft bodied animals usually have a shell


Long animals divided into segments


Jelly-like animals that have a bell or umbrella shape


Animals that have a notochord that supports the body (or backbone)

Quick Match: For each animal or description listed, name the phylum it is associated with:

1. Cow _______________________________________________________
2. Lobster ____________________________________________________
3. Leech _____________________________________________________
4. Tapeworm _________________________________________________
5. Sea anemone ______________________________________________
6. Sea urchin _________________________________________________
7. Octopus ___________________________________________________
8. Bell or umbrella shaped bodies __________________________________
9. Most have a backbone _________________________________________
10. Jointed legs ________________________________________________
11. Thin, flat bodies _____________________________________________
12. Soft bodies, some have shells __________________________________
13. Spiney plates ______________________________________________
14. Exoskeleton ________________________________________________
15. Segmented, long bodies _______________________________________