Mammal Match-Up: Can You Solve the Riddles?

rabbitTypes of Mammals: deer, platypus, lion, squirrel, rabbit, bat, horse, lion, elephant, cat, dolphin, dog, gorilla, manatee

Orders of Mammals: Chiroptera, Artiodactyla, Rodentia, Carnivora, Lagomorpha, Cetacea, Perissodactyla, Proboscidea, Sirenia, Carnivora, Marsupialia, Primates

Read each riddle carefully. Match each riddle with the correct mammal and its order by selecting from the word bank above. Some orders will be used more than once.

Rhyming Riddle Mammal Order
1. In the African plains, I reign supreme, with golden fur and a fearsome gleam.    
2. Through the night sky, I glide and swoop, with leathery wings, I stealthily loop.    
3. In oceans deep, I dance and play, jumping high in the sunlit spray.    
4. With a trunk so grand, I trumpet and sway, in the jungle's lush green land.    
5. In forests dense, I swing and climb, in family troops, we spend our time.    
6. By my master's side, I faithfully stay, guarding and playing throughout the day.    
7. Graceful and sleek, I prowl with stealth, with whiskers keen and quiet health.    
8. On the open plains, I gallop and race, with flowing mane and noble grace.    
9. In pouches warm, my young ones sleep, while I hop and bound in bounds so deep.    
10. In trees so high, I leap and climb, with bushy tail and eyes that shine.    
11. In waters calm, I glide and sway, with gentle grace, I spend my day.    
12. With long ears and a twitching nose, in fields I hop, where the green grass grows.    
13. Hooves that trot on lands wide and free, grazing in herds beneath the old oak tree.    
14. A curious mix, both bird and beast, I lay eggs yet suckle young with ease.    

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