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Digital Media Storage and Sites
picasaweb (google)

Project Noah is unique in that it allows for the world community to share photos and help identify species.


For web-based project that does not use user-based photography, see "The World of Insects" at


Insect collects are often a staple of biology classes. They incorporate a variety of skills, such as collection, identification, trapping and mounting insects. Mounted insects can be difficult to make and transport and have the unfortunate consequence of killing the insect to make the display. In this project, you will create a virtual insect collection by taking photographs of insects you have found or trapped. These photos will be published to the web using a platform of your choise (museumbox, flickr, google sites..etc). Alternately, your instructor may have you submit this assignment via email, or hardcopy portfolio.


Insects are all around us, sometimes it just takes quiet time in an outdoor location to notice the insects that are nearby. You can also choose to trap insects using a variety of known methods (pitfall traps, berlese funnels..etc). Your goal is to find at least 5 unique insects from your area or habitat.


Take care when photographing your specimen, try to get a clear photo or take multiple photos of the same insect. Insects are identified by the coloration, antennae, wing presence, legs and other fine details that you will need to establish in your photographs. Do not steal photographs from the web, use your own photos!


Use a field guide or websites to identify your insect. Your ID should include the common and species name as well as what ORDER the insect belongs to. (All insects belong to the Class Insecta).


Use one of the media sites (or check with your instructor) to display your collection. Each insect photograph should contain the following information.

1. Scientific Name
2. Common Name
3. Order (hemiptera, orthoptera ..etc)
4. Location insect was found and date.


Check with your instructor on submission guidelines. In most cases, you will only need to provide a link to the site where your images are hosted.

Assessment Rubric

  Insect 1 Insect 2 Insect 3 Insect 4 Insect 5 TOTAL
Identification Accurate __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1  
Other Information Included __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1 __0 __1  
Photography (details, clarity) __0__1__2 __0__1__2 __0__1__2 __0__1__2 __0__1__2  
Submission (on time, as directed)   __0__1__2  
Project Total