Evolution Quiz

For each statement, indicate whether the statement is TRUE, FALSE, or UNCERTAIN.

1. Scientists consider the theory of evolution an explanation of how life developed on Earth.

2. According to the Theory of Evolution, humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor.

3. Natural Selection is the mechanism by which evolution occurs.

4. Theories are supported by facts and evidence, and can be revised if new evidence is found.

5. Only atheists (those who do not believe in God) believe the Theory of Evolution.

6. Creationism and Intelligent design are considered to be viable alternative theories.

7. Because there is a missing link, the Theory of Evolution cannot be proven.

8. Schools are required by law to teach the Theory of Evolution.

9. If evolution gains more support, it will become a LAW.

10. In its simplest form, evolution means that species change over time.


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