Ecology Issues Project

Objective: As a team you will create a lesson that teaches the class about an environmental issue. Your lesson will be presented to the class as a powerpoint or similar presentation.


As a group, choose your topic. The list below will give you some ideas, but you may choose something not on the list. Have your topic approved by your teacher before proceeding. Some of the topics may need to be narrowed in focus.


Browse sites related to your topic, jot down information you think will be important to include in your final product. You may wish to assign individual group members specific tasks.

As you browse the sites related to your topic, think about the following questions that you will need to include in your final project presentation:


Use powerpoint or similar application, check with your instructor for other options. The following sequence can serve as a guideline, though you are free to organize it in other ways. A total of 10 slides is appropriate, but you can have more (or less). Try not to clutter a slide with too much information.

Slide 1 : Title, names of group members
Slide 2 : Attention grabber, put a thought provoking question or image here
Slides 3-5 : Explain the topic, what is the problem and why is it a problem (do NOT copy and paste information from other websites, use your own words.) Include images to help explain your points and to make your slides more interesting
Slides 6-8 : Explain what can be done (or what is being done) to solve the problem. You may want to include specific laws and regulations related to your topic here.
Slides 9-10: What can one individual do to help? Offer advice and tips to the class about how individuals can help to solve the problem or promote awareness.
Final Slide: Summarize or restate the problem/issue; include any image credits or sources


Unsatisfactory (0 pts) Satisfactory (2 pts) Good (3 pts) Excellent (4 pts)


Does not attempt to open the presentation with some way to spark interest Attempts to grab attention, students are not engaged to start with Somewhat interesting and creative. Lacks interaction of class, or class seems disinterested. Presentation interesting, class attention maintained and interaction is good. Use of creative visuals.

Content 1 (background info, research)

team does not have a good grasp of the topic, facts misrepresented, or wrong Topic is not fully covered, some obvious gaps in knowledge of subject or some major errors Topic is covered with a fair amount of accuracy and information. Some gaps in knowledge evident Topic is covered thoroughly, presentation shows a firm understanding of the topic and the issues involved.
Content 2 (solutions) no solutions offered to solve the problem Solutions offered, lacking in relationship or feasability Solutions offered, though lack relationship to problem Solutions offered, advice given to class on how to solve the problem

Organization & Syntax

Presentation so disorganized, it is impossible to follow presentation does not follow an organized pattern, meanders or becomes "off-topic", but can still be followed by audience Presentation mostly follows a logical sequence, some areas not sequential or or off-topic, some grammar or spelling errors Presentation follows a logical and orderly sequence and remains on topic. Easy to follow and understand. No major errrors in grammar, punctuation or spelling.


missing from presentation images used, though they are sloppy, unclear, and disorganized Images used but lack in clarity or relationship to topic Images used effectively to explain the topic and issues
Total Team Grade 20 pts possible
Individual Grade - your group will grade each other for this part using the Team Evaluation Sheet