Name: ___________________________________

Electromagnetic Waves                                    

1.  _____ Speed of light                                                a.  the number of waves that pass a point in 1 second
2.   _____ X Rays                                                           b.  any disturbance that carries energy and travels through matter
3.  _____ Microwaves                                                   c.  a special kind of wave that does not need to travel through matter
4.  _____  Radiant Energy                                            d.  a low energy wave that can be used to transmit communications
5.  _____ Electromagnetic Wave                                e.  high energy waves that can be used to treat cancer
6.  _____ Photon                                                             f.  a type of radio wave that can be used to measure speed and position
7.  _____ Visible Light                                                   g. transmits thermal energy, heat releases more of it
8.  _____ Radio Waves                                                 h.  the energy carried by an EM wave, we feel as heat
9.  _____  Frequency                                                     i.  the distance from one wave crest to the next wave crest
10.  _____ Radar                                                           j.  the fastest that any EM wave can travel
11.  _____  Infrared Waves                                        k. high energy waves that can be used to take pictures of bones
12.  _____ Ultraviolet Waves                                      l.  a type of electromagnetic wave that behaves as a particle
13.  _____ Wavelength                                                 m. a type of radio wave that can be used to cook food
14.  _____  Gamma Rays                                             n. the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see
 15.  _____ Wave                                                             o.  sun rays, can damage skin