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Force on an Elevator

Site 1:  --click on 6, click on Unit F: 
Energy, Forces, and Motion, click on Discover Simulations

The elevator will travel from floor 1 to floor 100 at various speeds.   You will take data on the elevator as it moves to fill out this chart.  You will probably need to play and reset the elevator many times as you take data.





Starting Weight of girl (N)




Largest Weight (around 5th floor)




Weight  between 25 -80th floor




Weight between 90th and 100th floor




When is the elevator accelerating (between what floors)




When is the elevator deccelerating (between what floors)




When is the elevator moving at a constant speed , and what speed is it moving at?





1.  When the elevator speeds up, what happens to the girl’s weight? _________________________________
When the elevator slows down, what happens to the gir’ls weight? ________________________________

2.   The girl’s weight starts at 588 N, it shifts during the rise of the elevator and then returns to 588N for most of the trip. 
Why is her weight 588N even though the elevator is pushing her up and still moving?

3.  When the accelerometer is reading a negative number, what is the elevator doing? 

4.  When the speedometer is reading a negative number, what is the elevator doing?

5.   When will the girl have a zero weight (free fall)?  Think about the acceleration of gravity and the acceleration of the elevator.