Electricity and Magnetism

1. Which of the following is NOT part of an atom?

atom2. On the image of the atom, the “X” represents the:
protons and neutrons
electrons and protons
electrons and neutrinos

3. The “Y” is the:
electrical charges

4. V = I x R is an equation known as:
Newton's Cradle
Law of Gravity
Ohm's Law

5. If two lights are hooked up in SERIES, and one burnt out, what happens to the other light?
burns brighter
doesn't light

6. Switches are used to:
lower resistance
complete or break a circuit
lower resistance

7. The poles on a magnet are designated as:
east and west
front and back
north and south

8. A battery is hooked to a wire which is then wrapped around an iron nail. When the battery is turned on, the nail becomes a magnet and will pick up other nails. What is this device called?

9. An electric field:
surrounds all objects with a charge
exists only in the nucleus of an atom
occurs when there are no electrons

10. Current that flows through your house is referred to as:
direct current
alternating current
inline current

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