1. Mass measures:
how much matter is in an object
how large an object is
how much an object weighs

2. Weight is a measure of an object’s mass and:
its volume
its size
the acceleration of gravity

3. __________ is the attractive force between two objects that depends on mass and distance.

4. A person is standing on a scale in an elevator. When at rest, the scale reads 50 N. As the elevator begins to rise (figure 1), what would the scale read?
10 N
50 N
80 N

5. The elevator gets to the top floor and then begins to descend (figure 2). As the elevator goes down, what would the scale read?
10 N
50 N
80 N

6. Newton’s Third Law States that:
everything that goes up must come down
to every action, there is an opposite reaction
objects in motion tend to stay in motion

7. Force is measured in:
meters per second

8. Two balls are dropped from the same height. Ball A has a mass of 10 kg, Ball B has a mass of 5 kg. Which one will land first?
Ball A
Ball B
Both land at same time

9. In an ELASTIC collision, two objects collide with each other and then:
bounce off
stick together
drop down

10. How much forces is necessary to change the motion of an object is:

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