1. a closed path that electrons follow
3. caused by a build up of electrons on a material like hair, causing it to "stick" to other objects
4. house wiring is often made of this metal
8. particles that have a charge are surrounded by an electric ____
11. type of bulb that uses electricity to heat a wire so that it glows
13. used in dams to generate electricity
15. material that electrons can flow through


2. material that does not easily conduct electricity
5. the tendency for material to oppose the flow of electrons
6. measure of energy, companies use this per hour to charge costumers for power
7. a subatomic particle that has a negative charge
9. = current x resistance
10. can be used to break or complete a circuit
12. the center of an atom
14. installed on buildings to conduct electricity from lightning into the ground; lightning___
16. unit used for measuring resistance