Intro Physics

           E = mc2

Curriculum & Classroom

Rules & Expectations PPT powerpoint | Rules and Expectations .doc

Multiple Intelligences Test

Physics Pre Test

The Nature of Science

Mystery Eggs (opening experiment)

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Scientific Method | Lecture Notes

Independent and Dependent Variables 
{Lab} Conducting an Experiment (Plop Plop Fiz Fiz) 

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Standards of Measurement | Lecture Notes

Standards - (Article) How Many Hands on a Horse word_icon

(Lab) Scientific Processes - Tools and Measurements word_icon

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Interpreting & Creating Graphs | Notes

Tadpoles Change in Number (English usage) word_icon
Interpreting Graphs (bar, line, scatterplots) word_icon
Graphing Practice | Graphing Flow Rates word_icon|

powerpoint Math & Physics | Lecture Notes

Review Guide and Practice Test


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Motion | Lecture Notes

Problemset: Distance & Displacement
Problemset: Velocity 

Speed and the Two Step | Mealworm Speed
Distance and Time Graphs with Wind-Up Ducks

Problem Set: Acceleration

Review Guide: Motion


powerpoint PPT: Motion & Forces (Newton's Law) | Lecture Notes
powerpointPPT: Newton's 2nd Law (F=ma) | Lecture Notes

Articles: Mathematics to Everywhere word_icon | High Speed Trains word_icon|Satellites word_icon | Another Dead Satellite word_iconNewton's Laws word_icon

Labs: Mass vs Weight word_icon | How Much Weight word_icon
eLabs: Projectile Motion | Airtrack Collisions Elevator Forces
Lab: Momentum; Marble Slides into Cup word_icon

FunLab: Design a Balloon Car

Problemset: Force and Acceleration (F=ma) 
Problemset: Mass and Weight  | Momentum 

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Newton's Third Law (collisions) 
Lecture Notes

Activity: Design a website for Isaac Newton

Review Guide: Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws 


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Potential & Kinetic Energy | Lecture Notes

Article: Wicked Rollercoaster 

Elab: Coaster Crafter

Problem Set: Kinetic and Potential Energy 

Graphic: Potential Energy | Law of Conservation of Energy

Review Guide: Energy 


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Work and Power | Student Notes
powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Simple Machines | Student Copy

Problemset: Work word_icon
Problemset: Power word_icon

Work and Machines: Vocabulary

Article: Levers and the Body word_icon

(Lab) Lever Lab: Calculate Mechanical Advantage
(Lab) Pulleys and Inclined Planes: If Your Need to Move a Piano.

PHET ELab - Balancing Act
(ELab) Levers | ELab - Simple Machines

(ELab) Pulley Systems

Review Guide: Work & Machines word_icon

For Fun: Build a system of gears with

Video: Disney Imagineering: Levers and Pulleys

Electricity & Magnetism

powerpoint  Powerpoint Lecture: Electricity | Student Notes
powerpoint  Powerpoint Lecture: Magnets | Student Notes

Graphing Energy Use word_icon

Light Bulb Exploration | Circuit Construction Kit (web)

Electronic Diagrams | Series and Parallel Circuits

Electricity ProblemSet (Ohm's Law)

Electricity Crossword (Review) word_icon

Article: Magnetism word_icon

(Lab) Experiments with Magnets
(Lab) Magnet Lab Inquiry


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Waves | Lecture Notes

powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Sound (Waves) | Lecture Notes
powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Electromagnetic Waves | Lecture Notes
powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Light & Color | Lecture Notes

Problemset: Wave Speed word_icon
Vocabulary: Electromagnetic Waves word_icon
Lab: Working with Light & Color

Article: Sonar word_icon

Video: Tsunami word_icon

Final Project: Technology and Inventions

Final Exam Practice Quizzes: Scientific Method & Motion | Forces | Energy & Work | Electricity & Magnets |
Final Exam Topic Review Guide | Final Exam Fill in the Blank Review

If it's green, it's BIOLOGY. ▪ If it stinks, it's CHEMISTRY. ▪ If it doesn't work, it's PHYSICS




Lab Safety Guidelines

Students will be doing many laboratory activities that may require the use of chemicals, laboratory equipment, and other items which, if used incorrectly, can be hazardous.

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Position and Time Graphs

Practice creating graphs that show the position of an object as it moves. Finally, take your own data of a wind-up toy as it moves in a straight line.

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newton's laws
Newton's Laws

Read and article about Newton's three laws and answer questions. (Literacy and Science)

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wicked rollercoast
Wicked at Lagoon

How do roller coasters use potential and kinetic energy to design loops and hills. (Literacy and Science)

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ohm's law
Ohm's Law

This problemset uses the Ohm's Law equation to calculate voltage, resistance, and current within a circuit.

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This article gives a brief overview of how magnets are used in everyday living.

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balloon car
Balloon Car

Engineering and Design lab where students design a car using bottle caps, straws, and skewers.

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