Norn Genetics


In this activity we will explore genetic principles using "Norns" as a subject. For each of the cases below, you will need to follow the instructions and keep a log of your progress (questions are included in the module).

1. Simple Norn Genetics
2. Norn Genetics and Sex-linkage
3. Norn Genetics - Multiple Allele Trait


These activities were created for the purpose of teaching introductory biology classes on the topic of genetics. As this is my first attempt at flash, I realize there are some improvements that can be made, but for now it works for the purpose that it was intended for.

History of the Norn

Norns (Cyberlifogenis cutis) are a species of creature, created by the Shee to entertain them and serve tea and biscuits. They were genetically engineered on the disc-shaped planet Albia. Many were abandoned there as the Shee took off in their spaceship, the Ark (although they took a few of them along). They are lovable and innocent creatures, who need some care to survive, though some breeds are more capable of living in the wild.