Mitosis Simulations


*Flash simulations no longer work with modern browsers. Try these alternatives!

Mitosis in an Onion – view picture, identify the stages of mitosis in each of the cells

Cell Cycle Label – label a picture of the stages of mitosis, identify parts of the cell such as the centriole and spindle

Onion Root Tip Lab – view real cells with a microscope, requires lab equipment and prepared slides

Onion and Whitefish – view cells, if you missed the classroom lab; virtual version of the mitosis lab

Mitosis Internet Lesson  – view animations of mitosis; questions

Meiosis Study Guide –  view animations of meiosis, compare to mitosis

Cell Cycle Cut and Paste – students arrange words and draw arrows to illustrate mitosis

Virtual Cell Animation Collection - frame by frame video showing mitosis

Mitosis Mover - a game about the cycle, score points and share with the instructor your progress

Cancer: Out of Control Cells – article describing how the cell cycle relates to cancer, includes questions