34-2 Patterns of Behavior


*Animals respond to periodic changes in environment - daily or seasonal cycles

1.  Migration (movement during a season)

2.  Circadian rhythms  (sleep & wake)

Christmas Crab Migration


Sounds, visual displays or chemicals used to attract a mate

Bird of Paradise Dance

Bower Bird Courtship

Social Behavior

Animals live in a "society" that has its own rules and structure


- Chimpanzee troops

- Insect colonies

- Wolf/Dog Packs

- Human Societies




Occurs between animals, usually for resources (space, water, food)


- space protected
by an animal

AGGRESSION - threatening behavior

What queues does this dog give that does not want Cesar to approach?

COMMUNICATION - passing information,  can be visual, sounds or chemicals

LANGUAGE - using symbols to represent objects and even ideas


  * Only humans are capable of true language


Apes can learn symbols, but not abstract ideas, like...


Freedom, Love, Obsession, Courage, Morality