These birds were pictured on the bird notes, using a chart, you were to determine what each of the bird's lifestyle is.

See if you can figure out what kind of lifestyle each of the birds below have.


Eagle: talons are for grasping prey, beak is for tearing flesh


Goose: Webbed feet for swimming, beak for straining algae


Ostrich: Thick muscular legs and big feet for running over ground, beak for eating seeds


Woodpecker: Two toes front, two toes back are used for hanging onto tree trunks, strong chisel beak for getting insects from wood


Heron: Long legs for wading in water, beak is multipurpose, straining plants or scooping small fish and shrimp


Robin: 3 toes front, 1 back for perching on branches, multipurpose beak (insects or seeds)


Pelican: Webbed feet for swimming; beak is scoop shaped and used like a fishing net to catch fish.