Study Guide - Skeletal System

1. List the major functions of the skeletal system.


2. How many bones are there (normally) in your skeleton?

3. List the groups of bones that make up the:

A. Appendicular Skeleton
B. Axial Skeleton

4. Name and describe the major parts of a bone. Label these parts on a diagram. (Refer to your coloring.)

5. What is the membrane lining the medullary cavity called?

What is the membrane that is on the surface of bones?

6. What is the proper term for a skeletal joint?

7. Describe the two types of marrow?

8. Give the proper names for the two types of bone tissue; where is each found?

9. Describe each of the following

Osteocyte              Osteoblast              Osteoclast

Lacunae                Haversian Canal      Volkmann's Canal

Canaliculi              Lamella

10. Label diagrams of the matrix

11. What bones are considered intramembranous? Endochondral?


12. Name and describe the 3 major types of joints (examples).


13. Give examples of the four types of diarthrotic joints.


14. Identify the major bones of the skull (label on diagram)


15. Name and locate the 4 major sutures.


16. Describe each of the following:

A. Epiphyseal Disk
B. Foramen Magnum
C. True rib
D. False rib
E. Floating rib
F. Coxal Bone
G. Calcaneous
H. Carpals
I. Tarsals
J. Pectoral Girdle
K. Pelvie Girdle
L. Bones of the arm
M. Phalanges

17. Label a human skeleton.