Sheep Brain Dissection Resources


A laboratory session involving the dissection of a sheep brain serves several educational and scientific purposes:

  1. Anatomy and Neuroscience Education: Sheep brains are commonly used in educational settings to study the structure and anatomy of the brain. This dissection provides a hands-on opportunity for students to observe and understand the different regions and structures of the brain, such as the cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, and various lobes.

  2. Comparative Anatomy: Comparative anatomy involves comparing the similarities and differences between different species' anatomical structures. By dissecting a sheep brain, students can compare it to human brains, understanding both the similarities and variations in structures, functions, and organization.

Student Worksheets and Activities

1. Brain Gallery for Photos and Images of Sheep Brains

2. Sheep Brain Dissection for in-person learning

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3. Google Slides for Virtual Sheep Dissection

4. Sheep Brain Labeling

brain diagram