Respiratory System - Crossword



  1. lack of oxygen in tissues
  2. collapsed lung
  3. spasm of the diaphragm
  4. whooping cough
  5. voice box
  6. space at the back of the oral cavity
  7. air sacs
  8. divides left and right nostrils
  9. bones that divide the nasal cavity
  10. tubes from trachea to lungs
  11. respiratory center of brain
  12. pause in breathing during sleep
  13. windpipe
  14. spaces within the skull bones
  15. opening with vocal cords


  1. where cellular respiration takes place
  2. keeps alveoli from collapsing
  3. illness caused by smoking
  4. test that measures air volume
  5. required for cellular respiration
  6. inflammation of air passages
  7. prevents food entering airway
  8. cavity where lungs sit
  9. muscle used for breathing
  10. fluid build-up in air sacs, caused by altitude sickness


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