Sex Ed School Policies - Group Discussion

Answer yes or no based on your opinions and observations (tally group answers; example: 3 yes, 1 no)


1. Sexual education should by provided in public schools as early as the 5th grade.
___ Yes ___ No
2. Schools should provide reproductive health care services (condoms, references to clinics, pregnancy tests, counseling). ___ Yes ___ No
3. Schools should provide child care for teen mothers. ___ Yes ___ No
4. Schools should provide health care for students, like condoms and pregnancy tests. ___ Yes ___ No
5. Schools should enforce dress code policies that prevent girls (or boys) from wearing sexually suggestive outfits. ___ Yes ___ No
6. Schools should provide feminine products for free (tampons, maxi pads). ___ Yes ___ No

Group Inventory

1. Most (over 50%) of high school students have had sex by the time they graduate. ___ Yes ___ No
2. Sexually active teens understand the risks of having sex. ___ Yes ___ No
3. Girls who have sex are treated different than boys. ___ Yes ___ No
4. Most (over 50%) of teens who are sexually active do practice safe sex and actively avoid unplanned pregnancy.___ Yes ___ No
5. The school has provided the tools and resources necessary for young adults to make good decisions about their reproductive health. ___ Yes ___ No
6. You know at least one person (male or female) who has had an unplanned pregnancy. ___ Yes ___ No
7. You know at least one person (male or female) who advocates, and practices, abstinence. ___ Yes ___ No
8. You know at least one person (male or female) who has contracted an STD. ___ Yes ___ No

Which laws would you support?

9. Allowing same-sex marriages. ___ Yes ___ No
10. Allowing adoption to gay couples. ___ Yes ___ No
11. Requiring sex education in high school. ___ Yes ___ No
12. Requiring schools to provide reproductive health care services. ___ Yes ___ No
13. Banning all abortion. ___ Yes ___ No
14. Banning late term (3rd trimester) abortions. ___ Yes ___ No
15. Requiring schools and other public facilities to allow students to use restrooms that correspond with their identified gender. For example, a transgender girl can use the girl’s restroom. ___ Yes ___ No
16. Male fathers must give consent before an abortion is performed. ___ Yes ___ No
17. Hospitals must perform paternity tests on all babies. ___ Yes ___ No
18. Individuals who post sensitive photos or videos of others can be charged with a crime. ___ Yes ___ No
19. Pregnant teenagers must attend a separate school. ___ Yes ___ No
20. Individuals who are under 17 can be charged with a crime for having sex. ___ Yes ___ No

Short Answers

1. Where do most teenagers get their information about sex and reproduction?


2. Do you observe discrimination in school or bullying related to sex? (For instance, do people talk bad about those they perceive as promiscuous?) List some words or insults you have heard.

What level of tolerance do you think is the norm for your school (circle)

Not tolerant at all 0 --- 1 --- 2 --- 3 --- 4 --- 5 --- 6 --- 7--- 8 --- 9 --- 10 Very Tolerant

3. What role does the media play in informing you about relationships, sex, and contraception? What tv shows or movies have the most content about sex? List shows/media/celebrities that you think have a great influence on how young people view sex.


4. A friend tells you that her boyfriend gets angry and has gotten violent. She's afraid if she breaks up with him, he will do something really bad. What advice do you give?

5. A friend posts some very demeaning things about his ex-girlfriend on Facebook and tells you he is going to post photos of her naked. How do you respond?

6. A friend tells you in confidence that he thinks he might be gay. How do you respond?

7. Your friend’s little sister is in middle school and she says that a lot of the girls think that orals sex isn’t really sex and some of her friends are doing it. She asks for your opinion about it. What advice do you give her?


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