Nerve Cells Coloring KEy


boxOligodendrocytes (purple)   box   Astrocyte (green)  
box Body of  Neuron (blue) boxEpendymal Cells (orange)
boxFor each of the cells above, color the nucleus a darker shade of purple, green, blue, orange
boxMyelin sheaths (pink)                 boxCapillary (red)                
boxMicroglial cells (yellow)              box Nodes or Ranvier and the Axon (brown)

What is the function of:

1)  Oligodendrocytes _______make the myelin sheaths______________________________
2)  Astrocytes __________connect nerves to blood supply___________________________
3)  Microglial cells  ___maintain homestasis, clear debris, immune response________________________
4)  Myelin sheaths ____provide insulation__________________________________________
5) Trace the path of a nerve impulse in a neuron: __dendrite > body of neuron > axon ____________