CAT VIRTUAL DISSECTION (DIGESTIVE)............................................Name ______________________________________

Sagittal Section of the Head:

1.) Locate the cat's tonsils. What are they called? _________________ ___________________

Esophagus & Trachea:

2.) The brownish, round structure in the center of the image is the______________, while the white structure below that is the ______________ __________________.

General view (ventral):

3.) How many lobes of the liver does the cat have? ________________

4.) The structure lying just below the liver (right corner of screen) is the

General view (ventral) mesentery tissue removed:

5.) What sex is the cat on the screen? _______________________

6.) Which structure makes bile? ___________________________

7.) Which structure stores urine? __________________________

8.) Which structure stores bile? ___________________________

Lobes of the Liver:

9.) Name the lobes of the liver.

Gallbladder & Liver:

10.) Locate the gallbladder. What color does it appear? _________________

Stomach, Spleen, & Pancreas:

11.) The first part of the small intestine is the _______________________.

12.) The sphincter between the stomach and the small intestine is called the

13.) What does the pancreas secretes? ______________________

Small & Large Intestine:

14.) The straight part of the small intestine is the ________________ while the
curved part is called the __________________.

15.) Another name for the large intestine is the _____________________.

16.) The first part of the large intestine is called what? ______________________

17.) Then as it (the large intestine) turns it is called the _________________

18.) As the large intestine turns downward it is referred to as the _____________

19.) And lastly, the end of the large intestine is called what? _______________