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Heart Operation Game


EXAM - Use your notes from above and your EXPERIENCE with the Heart Operation Game

____ 1. Which procedure would require a vein from the leg?
a. valve replacement
b. heart transplantation
c. coronary bypass
d. hole in the heart

____ 2. The image illustrates what procedure?
a. valve replacement
b. angioplasty
c. pacemaker
d. coronary bypass

____ 3. Which procedure(s) require an incision to be made in the actual heart?
a. valve repair
b. coronary bypass
c. heart transplantation
d. both a & b
e. a,b & c

____ 4. Clamps are used to:
a. hold the donor heart in place
b. keep the chest open
c. stop the flow of blood to the heart d. prevent air flow to the lungs

____ 5. A hole in the heart is repaired by:
a. using a vein from another part of the body
b. using a mechanical valve
c. using a synthetic sealant
d. simply stitching the area

____ 6. Which of the following might be affected by outside objects (such as magnets)?
a. an artificial valve
b. a transplanted heart
c. a pacemaker
d. an aneurysm

____ 7. A bulge in an artery is called a(n):
a. stint
b. pacemaker
c. aneurysm
d. bypass

____ 8. What is the most common type of heart surgery?
a. coronary bypass
b. valve replacement
c. heart transplantation
d. hole in the heart repair

____ 9. Which procedure(s) would help a person regulate the heart rate?
a. aneurysm repair
b. pacemaker
c. coronary bypass
d. both b & c
e. a, b, & c

____ 10. Which procedure(s) could be used to treat a clogged coronary artery?
a. balloon angioplasty
b. coronary bypass
c. valve replacement
d. both a & b
e. both b & c