Cell Unit for Anatomy and Physiology

This chapter focuses on cell structures (organelles), cell division, and cell membranes and transport.

For anatomy students, this will mostly be a review of what was learned in first year biology.

The slide presentation has a case study focus on a fictional girl who has recurring ear infections, and pneumonia. An X-ray reveals she has her internal organs are reversed - situs inversus.

As students learn about the cell, they gather clues about what could be wrong with the patient.

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Student Guided Notes

The Case Study

Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare genetic disorder that affects the cilia, which are tiny, hair-like structures found on the surface of cells, particularly in the respiratory tract, ears, and reproductive system. These cilia play a crucial role in moving mucus, bacteria, and other substances out of the airways, helping to clear the respiratory tract.

In individuals with PCD, there is a defect in the structure or function of these cilia, leading to impaired movement. As a result, mucus and debris cannot be effectively cleared from the respiratory system, leading to chronic respiratory issues such as:

PCD can also affect fertility in both males and females due to abnormalities in the cilia of the reproductive system.

Diagnosing PCD often involves a combination of clinical evaluation, specialized tests like nasal nitric oxide measurement, electron microscopy to examine ciliary structure, and genetic testing to identify specific gene mutations associated with the condition.

Other Resources

Cell Labeling - two images without labels for practice

Cell Cycle Labeling - shows the cell cycle; students label phases and structures

Cell Cycle Drag and Drop -Students use Google slides to label phases and structures

Cell Graphic Organizer - vocabulary and connections

Cell Structure Disorders (organizing chart) - basic chart to outline cell disorders ( like Tay Sachs)

Legionnaire's Disease - focus on macrophages and lysosomes

Mitochondria and Aging (CER) - focuses on metabolic rates and lifespan

Medical Errors IV - what happens when pure water is used instead of saline

Investigation: Human Cheek Cell - laboratory handout for examinine cheek cells with a microscope

Case Study - Mitosis, Cancer, and Vaccines (google slides)