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Study Guide: Blood

1. Describe a blood sample (with percentages).   Define  hematocrit.

2. Describe the shape of a blood cell.    What is hemoglobin?

3.  List all of the scientific names for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

4. Describe the events in blood clot formation, such as what would occur after an injury.  

What is hemostasis?

What chemical causes vasoconstriction?

5. List the 4 blood types and their associated genotypes.

6.   What blood types can donate to A __________?        To  O? ___________  to AB ______________     to B ___________

7.  List the two white blood cells that are classified as agranulocytes.   List the ones that are granulocytes.

8. What is plasma and what is it composed of?

9. What is sickle cell anemia? How is it inherited (genetics)?    What is the treatment for sickle cell disease?    Ex.    Aa   x  aa

10. What is hemophilia? How is it inherited (genetics)?    What is the treatment for hemophilia?     Ex.   XH X h   x   X H Y

11. What is the Rh factor? How can it affect a pregnancy?

12. What is leukemia?   What does a blood sample look like if someone has leukemia?   How is leukemia treated?

13. What is anemia (general)?  What are the different types of anemia?  What is the most common type?

14. What is septicemia?   How does a person become septic?  How is it treated?

15.  What is carbon monoxide and why is it dangerous?   CO binds with what in the blood?

16. What is coagulation?       What is a thrombus?         Embolus?             Pulmonary Embolism?              Hematoma?

17. What organ removes damaged or old blood cells?  What causes jaundice?   What are bili lights?

18. List the plasma proteins. 

19. Describe how antibodies and antigens work?    

20. What is hematopoeisis?  Where does this occur in adults?           What is erythropoietin (EPO)?

21. Be able to do a variety of genetic crosses (Punnett squares) to show what blood types are possible.

Ex.        AB x O                                      AB   x    A 

22.  List all of the white blood cells and their general functions.

What is an active phagocyte, and also the most common white blood cell? __________________________

23. What is thalassemia? How is it diagnosed and treated?