Write short descriptions for each of the following as you browse the site.

Bone marrow __________________
Stem Cell __________________
Red blood cell __________________
White blood cell __________________
Hemoglobin __________________
Platelet __________________
Plasma __________________
Transfusion __________________
Artery __________________
Vein __________________
Capillary __________________
Aorta __________________
Leukemia __________________
Hepatitis __________________

Red Gold - The Epic Story of Blood --- click on BLOOD JOURNEY

Phase 1: The Creation of Blood

1. What are the three kinds of cells found in blood? _________________________
2. What molecule in the blood cell carries oxygen? __________________________
3. What element makes blood red? _______________________
4. What is the function of leukocytes? _______________________________
5. What is the function of platelets? _________________________________
6. Plasma is made of 90% _____________________________________

How is Blood Produced?

7. Where in the body are blood cells made? ______________________________
8. What might cause the body to produce more blood cells? ___________________

Phase 2: The Circulatory System

9. Approximately how many liters of blood move through the circulatory system? ___
10. Name the three parts of the circulatory system:
11. __________________ circulation is when blood flows through the kidneys.
12. What is the main artery that leaves the heart? _____________________________
13. Blood moves from arteries into ________________________________

Phase 3: Donation

14. How long does it take for your body to replace fluids lost during blood donation? _________________
15. What should you do before donating blood? _____________________________________________________
16. What organization collects blood? ________________________________________________
' Testing Donated Blood
17. What are the four blood types? __________________________________
18. Rh type can be _______________________________ or ________________________________
19. Name two diseases you would be tested for before donating blood: ___________________________________

Phase 4: Blood Banks

20. Blood donated is split into three components. What are they? _______________________________________
21. What type of patients might use the platelets? ________________________________________
22. What type of patients might use the plasma? ___________________________________________

Phase 5: The Transfusion

23. Which blood type can receive blood from all groups? ___________________________
24. What are the two most common blood types in the U.S.? ____________________________

EXTENSION: Using what you know about blood and transfusions, design a poster to educate on blood donations and encourage people to donate. There are some examples on the site at Blood History ' The Impact of War ' Poster Gallery. You may draw your poster below or design it on the computer to print.