Article: Mitochondria, Aging, and Metabolism

worksheetThis short reading passage describes the mitochondrion’s role in metabolism and the production of ATP.  The presence of mitochondrial DNA may provide clues about aging.   The passage contains several multiple choice questions intended to help students prepare for standardized tests that have a similar format.

The passage also aligns with common core standards regarding text structures and how to identify main ideas and specific details.

Grade Level:  9-12
Time Required:  15 minutes


HS-LS1-1 Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the   structure of DNA determines the structure of proteins   which carry out the essential functions of life through systems of specialized cells

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RST.9-10.2 Determine the central ideas or conclusions of a text; trace the text’s explanation or depiction of a complex process, phenomenon, or concept; provide an accurate summary of the text.


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