Images and more images

Now that my site is mostly in order, I’m going through to make sure I have given credit where credit is due.  Its been quite the adventure, some of the images I used in the past (remember the barred owl) I could not find the author or site it originated from.   Back when I started, the internet was like the wild wild west.  Information and images and even mp3’s were all over the place with no sense of what was legal or illegal or what rights people had to that information – anyone remember napster?

Because so many of my pages are from the old “wild-west” days, I’m having to re-find images and make sure they are attributed properly.  I really can’t say enough good things about flickr.  Not only can you search for images, you can get an attribute code to properly credit those images.   I find that the flickr search engine is a bit unwieldy though, I’m having to reset my search properties each search to only look for Creative Commons Licensed photos.  I stumbled across a site that makes this process a lot easier: which gives you a straight up option to only search CC content and gives you tiny thumbnails to browse through.  Like this frog:

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Creative Commons License photo credit: threefingeredlord

Notice the licensing I placed in the photo’s caption.  It really is as easy as that.

Now, clip art is a whole other story.  Clip art images are offered on a lot of different websites, with those sites granting permission to use those images with some conditions met – usually a link back to the site.  I’ve also noticed a lot of images re-used on various sites, like there might be one giant pool of clip art somewhere.   My favorite clip art site is internetclipart, nice site with tons of animal pictures and photos and obviously looks like a labor of love on the part of the owner.

Another hurdle to overcome is saving images from flickr that I might not want to use right then and there.  I found by opening the details panel of the image (right-click), I can go to the properties window and add the attributes there.  This should (in theory) make it easier to attribute the photo when and if I decide to use it.

My personal mission this school year is to gather my own photos of all the things I tend to use (lab images, dissection images..etc), like this one I took toward the end of the school year:

Students Dissecting the Cat