Image Gallery

Seems like I’m moving into the homestretch for this marathon of website revision.  I just added the images page and wordpress is nice enough to create the thumbnails for me.   So much easier than creating thumbnails in dreamweaver and then linking them to the full size image.   I’m not even sure why I bothered, my pictures aren’t really that special and seem to serve as some kind of comedy among my students.  “Is that a chicken, Mrs. Muskopf?”  –  “No, its an archeaopteryx!”.     What’s amazing to me is finding my images on other people’s sites.

Probably the best ones are the coloring pages I’ve made for transcription and photosynthesis, and those took hours of work with fireworks, which is also somewhat comedic because it probably took me longer to create them than it takes my students to do them.   I’ve now added a little biologycorner logo to those pictures if only to remind people where they came from.