Now that I have my site back up and mostly functional, I decided to add a little bit of advertising to the pages. Google seemed like an easy place to start since I already have an account with them, so now you see a little google button on the pages with advertisements. It’s not too terribly intrusive, but it’s still a “trial” thing. I never really wanted to place ads on this site – in the old days the banners and the flashing gifs and sounds were always so distracting. I think the medium as evolved some since then and the ad button I’ve included is tolerable.

Lane Change
photo credit: urbanwoodswalker

Why put it there at all? Well, since this site has grown, so has the traffic. I am happy that other teachers find these resources useful and I love the idea of sharing lessons. My students also access the site to find assignments or supplemental materials. All this traffic has resulted in a lot of money just to run the site. The ads are simply there to offset some of these costs. We’ll see how that goes…