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How to Use Google Docs to Leverage Student Engagement

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It is the beginning of class, a lab report is due and students setting their homework on your desk. One student says that she doesn’t have it because her internet wasn’t working. Another student hands you a flash drive and swears he did his homework but didn’t have access

Writing to Learn

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The Common Core and Writing The common core include standards for writing that requires all teachers, no matter what discipline to include writing as part of their curriculum.   Many teachers outside the English department become stressed by this, fearing that they don’t have the skills to teach writing.  

What is “Mastery” and Why is It Important?

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The idea of mastery can actually be a contentious one, and I've had the most heated arguments with other teachers regarding how to grade and how to achieve content mastery. The arguments center around philosophical differences about how a traditional grading scale and the idea of mastery overlap.

Classroom Collaboration Tools

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With common core standards emphasizing a students ability to write and synthesize information, there are several tools that you can utilize online to give students the opportunity to write and share their work. Students can produce and publish content related to their unit of study.

Discovering Local Flora and Fauna

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Students are asked to be the creators of the slide show by adding images and facts about organisms they may encounter in their area. The project uses google docs, so you can create the presentation and then invite students to edit the document. The entire

NGSS – Definition of College and Career Readiness

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The Next Generation Science Standards have a component called "College and Career Readiness", and like most standards, we get a little acronym to refer to that component: CCR. Appendix C of the draft of the NGSS has 13 pages devoted to defining what it actually means to be

Where are the Common Core Science Standards?

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I spent the summer working on a redesign of my AP Biology curriculum and I am happy to report that my syllabus has been approved..... I can't help but wonder if the AP Biology changes are somewhat aligned to what will eventually be the common core standards.

Infographics and the Common Core

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Information is all around us, but very little of what we digest daily is in the form of a traditional textbook. Analyzing text structures is a major theme of the common core literacy standards. It's more than just reading in science, it's looking at data, charts