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What Does NGSS Say About Cells?

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The cell is a staple of any biology course, usually the chapter comes just after an introductory chapter on the scientific method.   Science teachers all over the world show students pictures of cells for labeling, students color cells, and some even create 3 dimensional models of cells with

Why I’m Changing My Classroom Phone Policy

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Last year, I decided to run a social experiment with my honors class.  This was a small class of 18 students taking Advanced Placement Biology, with a mix of juniors and seniors.   The experiment was to see if these digital natives could handle having an open policy on

5 Creative Ways to Teach the Cell

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Teaching the cell can be fun and engaging for students. Here are five creative ways to help students learn the parts of a cell.

Teaching Mitosis

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Mitosis can be a challenging topic for introductory level biology students. In the past, students only had pictures in a textbook (or copies) to memorize the stages. There seemed to be a disconnect between the memorizing of the stages and understanding the big picture – what is the point

Diffusion Lab

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Most chapters follow the cell structure topic with one on the cell membrane and diffusion and osmosis. These concepts can be very difficult for students to understand. In order to give them a view of how diffusion works with a semipermeable membrane, I like to do a lab that

Cell Study Skills

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If you teach freshman, then you are probably aware of the difficulties they have with memorizing terms.  Often the cell chapter, which occurs early in the year, is the first test where they are required to remember a large number of facts, images, and functions.   Most freshman do not

Cell Lab for Introductory Biology

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This lesson follows a discussion on the parts of the cell.  There are many types of cells students can look at, and you can even order preserved cell slides from most biological supply companies.  For viewing cells I prefer to take real cells from common specimens.   I think this