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Bones Quiz

1. You can tell the age of a skeleton by looking at:
the length of the femur the number of fused bones the shape of the pelvis the color of the bones

2. In general, a female skeleton will have a pelvis that is wider narrower

3. Which bone is most commonly used to determine the height of the deceased?
sternum femur clavicle humerus

4. You can tell if a person is right or left handed from the bones? True False

5. Wearing at joints at certain points on the skeleton can give you clues about the person's:
height gender race weight

6. The sciatic notch is located:
between pelvic bones on the back of the skull under the jaw behind the knee

7. If a forensic anthropologist uses his thumb to check the width of a notch on the pelvis, he is trying to identify the:
age gender race weight

8. The sagittal suture in the skull can be investigated to determine:
agegender race weight

9. A forensic entomologist would study what on the corpse?
finger bones insects plants blood

10. Compared to a male, the jaw of a female is:
round square flat jutting

11. The skull of an african-american would likely have a _____ eye orbital than a caucasion.
wider narrower

12. Tissue depth markers are used to determing what on a skull?
the length of the nose the size of the ears the amount of flesh on the bone the color of the skin

13. To reconstruct a face, which of the following characteristics can NOT be determined from the skull?
shape of ears shape of the jaw position of the cheekbones width of the eyes

14. If a person has missing teeth, the appearance of the cheeks and jaws will appear:
distorted wider sunken darker

15. The field of science that would be involved in identifying skeletal remains is called:
facial reconstruction anatomy forensic anthropology anthropology physiology

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