10. individual muscle fiber
12. organelle that provides the energy needed for muscle contraction
13. connects bones to other bones
15. surrounds fascicles
18. thin filaments of a muscle fiber
19. minimal level of stimulus to cause a contraction
21. this superhero has huge muscles when he's angry; David Banner

Muscle Anatomy Crossword


2. section of a myofibril from one Z line to the next Z line
4. bundle of muscle fibers
8. theory that explains how muscle contraction works; sliding __ theory
11. Outermost layer, surrounds entire muscle
14. describes muscles that are striped in appearance
16. muscle fiber membrane
17. space between a neuron and the muscle, synaptic ___
20. overlapping patterns of actin and myosin; I and A ___
22. membranous channels that surround the myofibrils; sarcoplasmic _____
23. when muscles become tired
24. type of muscle found in the digestive tract, involuntary
25. type of muscle that makes up the heart


1. helps regenerate ATP, ___ phosphate
3. thick filaments of a muscle fiber
5. type of muscle that connects to bones, voluntary
6. store neurotransmitters
7. neurotransmitter used to cause muscle contraction
9. connects muscles to bones


muscle crossword