1. Illustrate the cell cycle and the steps involved in cellular reproduction

2. Discuss the importance of sexual reproduction as it relates to evolution, illustrate the steps of meiosis

3. Describe the historical context that is the basis for modern genetics (Gregor Mendel)

4. Demonstrate the use of probability in genetics using chi square analysis

5. Compare and contrast various types of inheritance patterns (epistatic genes, linked genes, sex-linkage, lethals genes)

6. Use the Hardy-Weinberg equation to estimate allele frequencies in a population retriever

These objectives were printed in class for you.

AP LABS goggles

Lab 7: Genetics of Organisms
Drosophila Simulation | VCISE Link

Drosophilab Assignment

Fruit Fly II (basic)

Lab 8: Hardy Weinberg Population Study (adapted)


Chapter Notes powerpoint

powerpoint Ch 9: Cell Cycle (Mitosis)

powerpoint Ch 10: Meiosis

powerpoint Ch 11: Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance

11.1- 11.3 Gregor Mendel
11.4 Human Genetic Disorders
11.5 Beyond Mendel

powerpoint Extra: Chi Square Analysis

Extra: 11.6 Lethal Genes
Extra: 11.7 Epistatic Alleles & Labradors

Ch 12: Chromosomal Patterns of Inheritance

12-1: Chromosomal Inheritance powerpoint
12-2: Gene Linkagepowerpoint
12-3: Changes in Chromosome powerpoint

Resources and Tutorials

Mitosis Animations at stolaf.edu, cellsalive, wormclassroom, mcgraw-hill, sumanasinc, johnkryk

Meiosis Animations at stolaf.edu, mcgraw-hill, johnkyrk, cellsalive

DNA from the Beginning

How to do a Chi Square Analysis (ppt)
Chi Square Web Calculator

Bozeman Videos: Mitosis | Meiosis