Anatomy & Physiology

1. Identify major organ systems and describe their funtions (digestive, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory)
2. Identify individual muscles and bones and express how they relate to movement.
3. Explain the importance of blood and the circulatory system, expose a heart to reveal the major vessels and chambers (aorta, atrium, ventricle)
4. Describe the functions of the nervous system, identify the parts of the brain using either a sheep brain or a human model. Compare the brains of vertebrates.
5. Trace the path of food through the digestive system (alimentary canal). Compare the digestive systems of various animals.

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Lab 10 - Circulatory Physiology
Daphnia Lab (adapted)

Other Assignments

Skeleton Comparions (Coloring)
Skeleton Labeling
Digestive System (coloring)
Heart Labeling


*The test will include a LAB PRACTICAL*

Required Reading: Stiff by Mary Roach